Thursday 10 December 2020

Cherchez les femmes...

Excellent news from The Duke Orchestra and Laurent Mignard. Next year sees not one but two new albums from this organisation celebrating the  influence and involvement of women in Ellington's music. The press release says...

Women hold a central place in Duke Ellington's universe.The maestro dedicated more than a hundred melodies to them, painted portraits and cultivated precious collaborations adorned with tailor-made arrangements.In his new opus, Laurent MIGNARD Duke Orchestra offers a wide instrumental and vocal range in homage to the fairer sex. Eight guest artists join the jazz women of the orchestra to embody with talent and generosity the many facets of Ellingtonian elegance.

Les chanteuses invitées : Natalie Dessay, Roberta Gambarini, Nicolle Rochelle, Myra Maud, Sylvia Howard

 Les instrumentistes invitées : Rhoda Scott (orgue), Aurore Voilqué (violon), Rachel Plas (harmonica)


Le Duke Orchestra : Aurélie Tropez (sax alto, clarinette solo), Julie Saury (batterie), Didier Desbois (sax alto, clarinette), Fred Couderc (sax tenor, flute, clarinette), Olivier Defays (sax ténor), Philippe Chagne (sax baryton, clarinette basse), Carl Schlosser (sax ténor), Claude Egea, Malo Mazurié, Jérôme Etcheberry, Richard Blanchet, Sylvain Gontard (trompettes), Nicolas Grymonprez, Michaël Ballue, Jerry Edwards (trombones), Philippe Milanta (piano), Bruno Rousselet (contrebasse), Laurent Mignard (direction)

Duke Ladies Volume 1 will be released in Spring 2021 with   Duke Ladies Volume 2  to follow in Autumn/Winter.

Here is a 'teaser' for the albums...

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